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Save every day,

Before you know, your savings will grow.

Automatically saves your money in 24k gold, every day.

It’s powerful. ₹100 saved daily = ₹36,000 in 1 year.

Start as low as ₹10. Increase your amount anytime.

Want to know how your
gold savings will perform?

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Here’s how it works.

Step 1

Set desired amount

Jar recommends at least
Rs. 50/day.

Setup UPI mandate
Set desired amount.

Step 2

Setup UPI mandate

Set up mandate on your UPI App to automate your savings.

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Meet Sandeep

The thing with saving on Jar is that you have to stay the course. I saved consistently for 6 months and now I have 6gms of gold.

Sandeep Sugumaran

Executive Producer

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All your questions, answered.

Is KYC required to Start Investing in Digital Gold using Jar App?

KYC verification is not required to start saving with Jar. A one-step new user sign-in lets you start Investing in Digital Gold Immediately.

Jar app
When can I Withdraw my Savings?

You can withdraw your money after 24 hours of investment. There is no minimum lock-in period.

Jar app
What is Digital Gold?

Digital gold is Real gold that’s simply stored virtually to save space, provide safety, and buy or convert into physical gold conveniently with the click of a button. Check Digital Gold Price today and Start Investing.

Digital gold
Is digital gold Real gold?

Yes, Digital Gold is a real 24-karat Pure Gold and can be bought for as low as ₹10 using Jar App which means one doesn't have to worry about storing it in a safe place. All you need is the Jar App on your smartphone, and you're set for Gold Investment.

Digital gold

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